Kim Young-Jun(b)

Date of birth:April 08, 1968
Country:South Korea

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About Kim Young-Jun(b)
KIM Young-jun is a young director who, from early on, has gained the Korean film industrys attention by winning the Eastman Kodak Award, and cinematography awards from domestic film festivals with his short film, 'sometime somewhere'. Through 'bichunmoo', he communicates the suspense of action based on tragic love, the dynamism and heroism of martial arts, and the drama of longing, remembrance, and reconciliation. 'bichunmoo' is his debut feature film.

His statement on 'Bichunmoo'

Aiming for a Dynamic and Heroic Martial Arts Movie

The core of 'Bichunmoo' is love that transcends death. This revolves around in Jinha and Sullie's pain at being parted by fate despite the longing to see and touch one another and is fused into the martial arts and action scenes.

Conflicts and reconciliation between the different races (Koryo, Han, Mongolian), living on the Chinese continent, are minutely portrayed. On the surface, Jinha and Sullie's love is a tragedy, but this method of love that can keep them together becomes a hope and a promise for the next world.

The sad lives of commoners who lived through chaotic changes in history, the ambitious desire and duty of rulers, convoluted love and hate, intrigue, father-son conflicts, Koryo refugees' homesickness -all these aspects of humanity that cannot be stereotyped are portrayed in detail through spectacular imagery. I think of looking at the year 2000 over again through this legendary story that takes place in the 14th century Yuan.