Kar-Wai Wong

Job:Director, Writer
Date of birth:July 17, 1958

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About Kar-Wai Wong
He was born in Sanghai. When he was 5 they moved to Hong Kong. In 1980 he graduated in Hong Kong as a graphic designer and he learnt TV producering. After it he worked in a lot of series as assistant, and wrote screenplays. (Between 1982 and 1987 he has written about 10). In 1982 he directed his first film 'As tears go by' which film like Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets, but the visual world of the movie is unique and this world is Wong's world. In 1990 he collected the young and smart actors of Hong Kong and did the 'Days of being wild'. His festival winner film is the Chungking Senlin. His main themes: the memory, having no roots and random situations.

Wong Kar-Wai was born in Shanghai and grew up in Hong Kong. He studied graphic design at Hong Kong Polytechnic, which strengthened his passion for photography and film. A poet of modern alienation, Kar-Wai's universe is populated with characters both dark and comic, magical and existential. His films often feature his writing talent as well. In fact, his screenplay for the movie The Final Victory helped launch his film career as a director. Wong Kar-Wai won the Best Director prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his 1997 film Happy Together.