Leslie Cheung

Also Known As:
Date of birth:September 12, 1956
Country:Hong Kong

About Leslie Cheung
Died April 1st of 2003 by suicide.

Height: 175cm
Weight: 64kg
School: Textile Management dept. in Leeds University in London, UK.

Born the youngest of 10 children, Leslie's father was tailor to the late William Holden. His parents divorced when he was young, and he claims this is one reason for his disinterest in marriage. Following graduation from secondary school, Leslie studied at Leeds University in Great Britain. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he entered in the 1976 ATV Asian Music Contest, where he took second prize. He went on to perform on stage, television, and in teeny-bopper movies. It wasn't until he was cast in the role of "Kit" in John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow" that his acting career took off; he has since performed in some of the best-known Hong Kong movies of the last decade, working under the direction of such directors as Chen Kaige, Wong Kar-wai, Tsui Hark, and John Woo. Leslie emigrated to Canada in 1992, but soon returned to Hong Kong, demonstrating his intention to remain past the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China through his purchase of real estate and opening of a coffee shop in the colony. He is currently filming a new Wong Kar-wai film in Argentina.