Won Bin

Date of birth:September 29, 1977
Country:Jeongseon, Kangwondo, South Korea

About Won Bin
Born Name: Kim Do-Jin
Hometown: Jeongseon, Kangwon province in South Korea
School: Chuncheonyeoryang elementary - Yeoryang middle - Chuncheon technology high - Baekje art college
Bloodtype: RH+ O
Religion: Christian
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg

Family: 1 brother and 3 sisters
Hobby: Taking pictures, Basketball, Computer games
Special Interests: Motor cycle, Taekwondo, Snowboard, Car racing

Ideal Woman: Chien-lien Wu
Debut: 1996 Cable TV drama actor
Debut Work: SBS Drama [Propose]

TV Drama: SBS Propose, SBS Super Sunday, MBC Ready Go, KBS Gwangkki, KBS Kkokji, KBS Autumn Tales