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Plum Blossom Soundtrack

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genre: Erotic, Romance
release date: Oct 17, 2000
company: Starmax
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

지독한 사랑
청춘, 그 아름다운 꿈
난 그냥 내 인생에 화가 났을뿐
청춘, 그 지독한 사랑
또 다른 일과 사랑
당신과 함께라면
Techno Bar
글쎄 사랑이란?
남옥 Theme
Lost In Love
Music Video Audio Version
또다른 사랑 Inst.
지독한 사랑 Inst.

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Also Known As
Two Love
Episodes about sex every man has experienced while he was a boy. Dirty magazines stashed deep in his room, the first wetted bed which surprised but excited him, a sudden surge to stick his hand into his panties, touching and wearing underwear from the girl next door, and his first sexual encounter are all examples of what we experience through Jayo.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Erotic, Romance
Duration: 111mins
Certification: 18
Released: Oct 14, 2000

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users   (8.6)

Production: Won Films
Distribution: Cinema Service, Cineclick Asia