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Return of Iljimae TV Series Soundtrack
돌아온 일지매

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director: Hwang In-Roi, Kim Su-Young
genre: TV, Drama, Traditional
release date: Feb 12, 2009
company: Sony
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. I am Iljimae (Rock Ver.) - H2O
2. Lullaby - Han Dae-Soo
3. Man is Same - Park Jeong-Eun
4. Where I Dream - Yun Jin-Seo
5. Last Hero - Shin Min-Chul (T.Max)
6. Your Song - B.T.
7. Missing - Bae Hae-Sun
8. Waiting (Children Ver.) - Korean Academy Boys & Girls' Chorus
9. Because I am a Man - MBO
10. Wings of Night - Kim Young-Jin (H2O)
11. Blue Bird - Various Artists
12. Missing - H2O
13. Waiting - Yein
14. I am Iljimae (Classic Ver.) (Feat. B.T.) - H2O
15. Your Song (Inst.)

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Also Known As
Iljimae Returns
Moon River
Dolanon Iljimae
Return of Il Jhimae
Broadcast: January 21, 2009 ~ April 9, 2009
Total 24 episodes

The story is about a man fighting against the selfish and corrupt government to save the ordinary peasants. Iljimae was abandoned by his birth father and adopted by a Chinese couple. He returns to Korea to find his birth family and realizes how unjust the world really is. He watched as his first love, Dal Yi, was wrongfully put to death. Iljimae then vows to help the commoners from the corrupt government officials.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Traditional
Released: Jan 21, 2009

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Production: GP Workshop, Roy Works
Distribution: MBC

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