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Haeundae Soundtrack

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genre: Drama
release date: Sep 08, 2009
company: Musikdorf
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

해운대 Prolog
구강대 구강
해운대 갱찰서
위험한 거래
가슴뛰는 기억
오후 세시 같은 남자
묘비 앞에서
마지막 경고
메가 쓰나미
놓지 못하는 손
위험한 구조
멈춰진 시계
멈춰진 시계 Part 2
해운대 무지개 Epilog

Also Known As
Tsunami at Haeundae
Tidal Wave
Tsunami blockbuster Haeundae (Tidal Wave) has taken the South Korean box office by storm clocking up 5 million admissions from 712 screens in less than two weeks.

Located on the Southeast of the Korean peninsula is the international city of Busan. A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one milion visitors to its beaches every year. Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, went deep-sea fishing four years before and lost a co-workier in a tsunami; he has never returned. He now leads a simple life running a small sushi shop and is preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yeon-hee. While these seemingly banal domestic affairs unfold, geologist, an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea is showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit. When he discovers a super tsunami starting in Tsushima, Japan is headed stratight for the Korean peninsula, he quicklu heads down to Haeundae. Eventually, KIM gets a call about a deadly oncoming wave, with only ten minutes to spare! While the vacationers and citizens of Busan are enjoying a peaceful, hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Duration: 120mins
Certification: 12
Released: Jul 22, 2009

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Production: JK Pictures
Distribution: CJ Entertainment