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High Kick through the Roof TV Series Soundtrack Special Edition
ضհ ű

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director: Kim Byeong-Wook, Kim Young-Gi(b), Jo Chan-Ju
genre: TV, Comedy, Family, Romance
release date: Mar 17, 2010
company: Loen Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

* You're My Girl -
* Little Girl (Instrumental)
* ضհ ű - Ĵ (Feat.)
* Present For You (Instrumental)
* (Studio Ver.) -
* ׳ฦ ã׿ -
* Don't Say Goodbye -
* Beautiful Love (Instrumental)
* Friday Night - Ĵ
* Ҹ - Ĵ
* Say Ho - Ĵ (Feat.Nacko)
* - Soul Breeze (Feat.)
* ƿ -

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Also Known As
Unstoppable High Kick Season 2
High Kick 2
Broadcast: September 7, 2009 ~ March 19, 2009
Episodes: 126

Shin Se Kyung and Shin Shin Ae (Seo Shin Ae) are a pair of sisters who came to work as maids in Foodstuff company President, Lee Sun Jae's house after their debt-ridden father 'Shin Dal Ho' (Jung Seok Yong) runs away leaving them to fend for themselves. Due to the sisters living their lives in the mountains, everything in the city (outside world) are both new and curious for them specially for the younger sister 'Shin Ae'. Living together with President Lee are his daughter 'Lee Hyun Kyung', Son in-law 'Jung Bo Suk', Doctor to-be son 'Lee Ji Hun', grandson 'Jung Jun Hyuk' who is a highschool student and grand-daughter 'Jung Hae Ri'. Jun Hyuk's school deen 'Kim Ja Ok' is in love with President Lee who is widowed.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Comedy, Family, Romance
Certification: 15
Released: Sep 7, 2009

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Production: MBC, Chorokbam Media
Distribution: MBC
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