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A Barefoot Dream Soundtrack

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genre: Drama, Sports
release date: Jul 19, 2010
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

* Timor Leste - 김준석
* Crocodile hunter in Indonesia - 김준석
* Oh, Oh, Oh Timor - Fitun Salurik
* Me, James - 강성호
* 아무 것도 없는 나라 [원광의 Theme] - 김준석
* Ramos, Ramos - 김준석
* One day, one time, one dollar - 이효정
* Back to the Ground - Deep Song
* Ai Ai Ai - Fitun Salurik/강성호
* Don’t take my shoes, Mr. Kim - 김준석
* Lou ina Lou - Fitun Salurik
* Tiny Town - Deep Song
* Let’s play soccer again - 김준석
* 마지막 합류 - 이효정
* Ramos, a little boy - 미루
* 미안하다, Ramos - 김준석
* 라베르바바 - 김준석
* 여권사진찍는 날 - 이효정
* Viva ya My Timor - 이윤찬[Deep Song]
* Rain - 김준석
* 인기의 편지 - 김준석
* We go to Hiroshima! - 김준석
* 힘내라 티모르팀 - 김준석
* 후반전 시작 - 신민섭
* Ramos and Motavio - 김준석
* 우리는 팀, Timor Leste!! - 김준석
* “나는 끝을 보고 싶었어” - 김준석
* Penalty Kick - 김준석
* Final Chance - 김준석
* Victory of Timor Leste - 김준석
* 해변가, 맨발의 아이들 - 김준석
* End Credit - 김준석

Kim Won-kwang was a promising soccer player but now he’s a struggling businessman who’s often taken for a con man. With everything or nothing to lose, he ventures out to East Timor, the land still recovering from the civil war for his last chance. But nothing awaits him there. Discouraged, he’s on his way out when he comes across the street kids playing football barefoot and comes up with an idea to sell soccer shoes to them.

Sure of this business idea, he opens a sports store but no one can afford them. He decides to let the kids have the shoes and pay him a dollar per day for 2 months but even that’s too much for the poverty-stricken boys.

With the store being neglected, Kim ends up coaching the kids and even forms a team with them. But it isn’t an easy road as some of the kids are at each other’s throat because their families are scarred by the civil war.

However, Kim believes in them and decides to take them to the international tournament. So their incredible journey begins...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama, Sports
Duration: 121mins
Certification: All
Released: Jun 24, 2010

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