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Paradise Ranch TV Series Soundtrack
파라다이스 목장

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director: Kim Cheol-Gyu
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Feb 10, 2011
company: SM Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

* 파라다이스 목장 (Paradise Farm)
* Journey - 동방신기
* 한사람 (My Only One) - 보아
* 널 기다리며 (Waiting For You) - 예성
* 좋아해도 되나요 (...Is It Ok?) - 에프엑스
* 고백 (Confession) - 최강창민
* 목장을 달리며 (Running Through Ranch)
* 꽃잎에 입맞춤 (Kiss On The Flower)
* 하이오 (Heigh-Ho)
* Fantastic Dream
* 초록들판 (Green Field)
* 처음느낌 (First Feeling)
* 시간을넘어 (Leap Through Time)
* Sunny Days
* Smile Waltz
* 우리 결혼해 (Will You Marry Me?)
* 아름다운 너를 (Beautiful You)
* 추억 (Reminiscences)

Also Known As
Paradise Farm
Broadcast: January 24, 2011 ~ March 15, 2011
Episodes: 16

"Paradise Ranch" is a bright romantic drama that covers the life of a couple that were married at an early age and eventually divorced.

Hang Dong-Joo (Shim Chang-Min) and Lee Da-Ji (Lee Yeon-Hee) were childhood friends. They came to love each other and finally married in their teens, but divorced a couple of months later. Six years later, Lee Da-Ji lives with her father and younger sister on Jeju Island and works as a veterinarian, as well as running her family's ranch. Hang Dong-Joo now works for his family's business, but he's not interested in working.

Lee Da-Ji goes to Australia to buy a horse. There Lee Da-Ji meets Seo Yoon-Ho (Joo Sang-Wook) and gets help from him in purchasing a horse. Seo Yoon-Ho is from America and works for the biggest resort company. Lee Da-Ji also runs into ex-husband Hang Dong-Joo in Austrailia. Hang Dong-Joo is now with Park Jin-Young (Yu Ha-Na).

Back on Jeju island, Lee Da-Ji finds herself being cheated and faces loosing the ranch. Ex-husband Hang Dong-Joo comes to Jeju island to build a resort for his family's company. He then discovers that Lee Da-Ji's ranch is now under his name and his family will build a resort there. Seo Yoon-Ho also comes to jeju island for his work as a investor of the resort, which Hang Dong-Joo's family company are planning to build.

Dong Joo and Da Ji were once a couple who were married at 19 but they quickly divorced. Years passed, they both return to their old house and discover that their feelings for each other have been endured.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Jan 24, 2011

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Distribution: SBS

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