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Old Partner (HK Version)


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Product Details
genre: Documentary
subtitle: English, Traditional Chinese
language: Korean
audio: Dolby Digital
release date: Jul 02, 2010
made in: Hong Kong
aspect ratio: 1.85:1
case: Blu-ray Case

Region Code: A, NTSC

Also Known As
Warnang Sori
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From first-time filmmaker Lee Chung-Ryoul comes an award-winning feature documentary, Old Partner, which broke box office records in Korea as the highest grossing independent film in Korean history.

Old Partner is an eloquent, touching, yet gut-wrenching peek into the reality of Mr. Choi Won-Kyun and his relationship with his 40-year-old ox. In the backdrop of what seems to be a dying way of life for many farmers in modern-day South Korea, the old couple perseveres while his wife, Lee Sam-Soon, bickers and complains about her own unlucky fate. There is no denying that this particular ox is a beast of burden, but it is also cherished and loved as the old man's constant and dependable companion. The original Korean title of the film, Wonangsori, literally translates to "sound of a cowbell" which dominates the audio track throughout the 78-minute documentary as a constant reminder of the absence of any other sound in the rural landscape of their small town. The old man and his ox trudge along slowly, crippled, and with a quiet defiance throughout the film proving a love and loyalty that can only be shared by a man and his animal.

Winner of the Best Documentary of Sundance and Pusang Film Festivals, Old Partner captures a touching and close relationshop between an elderly farmer Choi and his old cow. CHOI suffered from poliomyelitis as a child; with an atrophied leg it has always been difficult for him to even walk without a cane. For 30 years, the ox pulled a cart which CHOI used as transportation to and from the farm, and helped him to plough the farm even when it was too frail to walk. The pair was like father and son their vigorous bonding was developed through life-long companionship. Even though the old cow can't help him as before, the cow is still his best helper and best friend. One day, a doctor diagnoses the cow with cancer, and they only have one year left together.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 78mins
Certification: All
Released: Jan 15, 2009

editor   (8)
users   (6.5)

Production: Studio Nrimbo
Distribution: Indiestory