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Glory Jane TV Series Soundtrack
영광의 재인

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genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Dec 19, 2011
company: Kim Jong-Hak Production
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

세가지 소원
내겐 너니까 - 효린(시스타)
가슴 앓이 - 바비킴
그게 사랑이라서 - 장혜진
My Love - 노브레인
Love you - 박소빈
영광의재인 오프닝
9회말 2아웃
소녀의 꿈
밤보다 어두운 마음
달려라 김영광
Happy Happy
배신과 야망
사랑 2악장
어두운 그림자
영광의 그날
희망을 향해

Also Known As
Glorious Jae In
Jae-In's Glory
Man of Honor
Young Kwang’s Jae In
Young Love Jane
Broadcast: October 12, 2011 ~ December 28, 2011
Episodes: 24

Glory of Jae In is about the life's journey of the three main characters.Kim Young Kwang was the 2nd batter in the major league team of Giant Dragons. However, lately, he was demoted to the team's minor league team.

Yoon Jae In is a bright and optimistic nurse aide. She was born in a wealthy family but things changed when her father died. Soon after, she was left in orphanage.

Their fates met when Kim Young Kwang has to stay in the hospital - the very place where Jae In works.after sustaining an injury while playing baseball.

Seo In Woo is the only son of the present chairman of a famous sportswear company. At the same time, he is 4th batter and star pitcher of Giant Dragons - team owned by his father. He is the piece that completes the love triangle as he competes for the attention of Jae In.

The story as a whole depicts life's hardship with the will to overcome all that and finally succeed while finding happiness along the way.

Kim Young Kwang (Chun Jung Myung) is a baseball player on a minor league team, former 4th hitter of the major league team, is an innocently confident man who never stops trying his best to re-live past glories. Yoon Jae In (Park Min Young) works as a nurse’s aide is a struggling young, cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background and dreams of becoming a nurse. She meets Kim Young Kwang at the hospital when he sustains injures, as they struggling to overcome their fates, they find love. Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) is the future heir of a sports clothing company and also the clean-up hitter for the a professional baseball team that his father owns. A love triangle ensues between these three characters.

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