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Historical Films Box Set (4discs/region3)
구한말 시대극

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Product Details
director: Korea Film Archive
subtitle: English, Korean
language: Korean
audio: Dolby Digital Mono
release date: Jul 10, 2012
company: Korea Film Archive
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 1.33:1
case: Box Set

Region Code: 3, NTSC

Disc 1: 고종황제와 의사 안중근 Emperor Gojong and Ahn Jung-Geun
- Directed by Jeon Chang-Geun
- Starring Kim Seung-Ho, Jeon Chang-Geun
- Runtime: 110mins + 7mins

Disc 2: 한말풍운과 민충정공
- Directed by Yun Bong-Chun, Nam Hong-Il
- Starring Kim Dong-Won, Jeon Ok
- Runtime: 104mins

Disc 3: 독립협회와 청년 이승만 Independent Council and Young Lee Seung-Man
- Directed by Shin Sang-Ok
- Starring Kim Jin-Gyu, Kim Seung-Ho
- Runtime: 133mins

Disc 4: 아아 백범 김구 선생 Oh! Baekbeom Kim Goo
- Directed by Jeon Chang-Geun
- Starring Jo Mi-Ryeong, Jeon Chang-Geun
- Runtime: 144mins

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