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Faint Shadows of Love

Book / Art

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language: English
made in: South Korea
case: Safe Box

Paperback: 95 pages.
Dimensions(in inches): 0.31X8.27X5.71.
Author: Kim, Kwang-kyu
Publisher: ForestBooks.
Weight(g): 162g

Poems by Kim Kwang-kyu Translated by Brother Anthony, of Taize ...Eighteen years later at last we met againall wearing necktieseach of us has become somethingWe had become the older generationliving in dread of revolutionWe chipped in to cover the cost of the partyexchanged news of our familiesand asked the others how much they were earningAnxious about the soaring cost of the living...We deliberately made middle-aged talk about our healthand took one step deeper into the swamp-- excerpts from "Faint Shadows of Love"In his poems, Kim Kwang-kyu stresses the virtues and purity of the past, and compares it with the present, which to him looks ugly. Kim sees life as entropic, fated to consume the good things of life to produce bad things, such as dried-up ambition, discouraged desire for social justice, and cowardice growing inside an old man. So, his poems act like an honest mirror to many who feel degraded and deprived of any dreams in their life and whip the readers as well as the author to restore their real self. One of the advantages of reading his poems is that the readers have access to social and moral standards of the Korean society in the period from 1960s to 1990s, as Kim has continued writing poems since 1975. The poet, born in 1941, is a Seoul university professor in German literature.

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