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The Wings

Book / Art

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language: English
made in: South Korea
case: Safe Box

Paperback: 84 pages.
Dimensions(in inches): 0.257.444.72
Author: Yi, Sang
Publisher: Jimoondang
Weight(g): 94g

Though Yi Sang was born in 1910 when Korea was colonized by Japan, his writings are filled with many modern things like aspirin, art galleries and movie theaters, and read as if they are contemporary works. His works remind readers of the works of existentialist authors such as Albert Camus and Franz Kafka. The story itself is mostly about frustrations in daily life but the author, often dubbed as a genius, just states them in a calm voice as if observing them as an outsider. "The Wings" is one of his representative works. The origin of the book title is related to a famous Chinese poem in the 11th century. Wings in the poem stand for a means of becoming a Taoist hermit with supernatural powers and thereby getting into the celestial world. The idea is still popular in Korea; the latest movie of Director Im Kwon-taek's "Chihwaseon" is influenced by its basic concept, too. Becoming the Taoist hermit is also related to transcendentalism of the West. Pocket book size.