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Jimmer's Day in the Life: A tiny novel of Korea and Japan

Book / Art

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Product Details
language: English
made in: South Korea
case: Safe Box

Paperback: 155 pages.
Dimensions(in inches): 0.356.734.64
Author: James Strohmaier
Publisher: Dong-Woo
Weight(g): 162g

The Book is a hilarious, fast-paced romp through the world of English teachers, students, expatriates, natives, and thousands of others both foreign and domestic who make their home in the Far East. The 155-page novel takes place over a long summer weekend when three English instructors living in Korea have to make the trek over to Japan to get the much-coveted teaching visa. Along the way our three language givers make music on Busan, South Korea's notorious Texas Street, a haven for bar girls, Russian sailors, and salarymen, go clubbing in Fukuoka's Tenjin nightlife district with Olympic swimmers, and struggle to find some cultural common ground with their hosts in both countries. But this is more than just a road trip novel, as the author explores the tragic history and interconnectivity of Korea and Japan, co-hosts for the 2002 FIFA World Cup soccer games. There are laughs, armchair cultural and historical insights, and adventures aplenty in this whimsical whirlwind tour through two of the oldest and most fascinating countries in the Orient. Pocket book size.

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