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Kiki's Delivery Service Soundtrack (Music by Jo Hisaishi)
마녀배달부 키키

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genre: Animation
release date: Jan 03, 2013
company: Pony Canyon
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

맑은 날에 (On A Clear Day...)
여행 (Departure)
바다가 보이는 마을 (A Town with an Ocean View)
하늘을 나는 배달부 (Flying Delivery Service)
빵집 도우미 (The Baker's Assistant)
일의 시작 (Starting the Job)
대역 지지 (Surrogate Jiji)
제프 (Jeff)
바쁜 키키 (A Very Busy Kiki)
파티에 늦겠어 (Late for the Party)
오소노씨가 부탁한 일 (Osono's Request...)
프로펠러 자전거 (A Propeller Driven Bicycle)
날 수 없어! (I Can't Fly!)
상심한 키키 (Heartbroken Kiki)
우르술라의 오두막집으로 (To Ursula's Cabin)
신비한 그림 (An Unusual Painting)
폭주비행 자유 모험호 (The Adventure of Freedom, Out of Control)
할아버지의 빗자루 (The Old Man's Push Broom)
빗자루로 랑데뷰 (Rendezvous on the Push Broom)
루즈의 전언 (A Message Left In Lipstick) * 아라이 유미 가창곡
따스함에 안겨진다면 (Wrapped In Gentleness) * 아라이 유미 가창곡

Also Known As
Majo no takkyubin
Kiki is thirteen and on her own. Once a witch turns thirteen, it is time for her to go out and find a city to settle in for a year to complete her witches study. It is this time for her and we get to go along as she attempts to survive in the world on her own.

More Information
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genre: Animation
Duration: 103mins
Certification: All
Released: Jan 1, 1989

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Production: Nippon TV Network, Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten





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