May Queen TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Baek Ho-Min
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Release Date:Dec 14, 2012
Publisher:Loen Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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굿바이 투 로맨스 - 소냐
39.5 - 간종욱
1초라도 - 간종욱
눈물이 흘러 (해주 Theme) - 최완희 (Praha)
우리들의 이야기 - 최완희 (Praha)
갈등 - 최완희 (Praha)
휘몰아치는 바람 - 최완희 (Praha)
인연 - 최완희 (Praha)
언제까지나 - 최완희 (Praha)
닿지않는 꿈 - 최완희 (Praha)
또 다른 비밀 - 최완희 (Praha)
설레이는 마음 - 최완희 (PRAHA)
About May Queen TV Series
Broadcast: August 18, 2012 ~ December 23, 2012
Episodes: 38

A story about characters related to ships. Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a woman who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who war for her love.

Set in the local setting of Ulsan, this drama is a story of human triumph and success that the heroine Hae-ju achieves. Starting a life in utter poverty will make life depressing and leave a person with a lifetime disadvantage in some cases. Overcoming these obstacles, Hae-ju ultimately finds success. Burdened with the secret past of her parents, Hae-ju navigates treacherous waters to reach her goal.