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vol.3/ Bohemian LP (Limited Edition)

LP / Male  

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Product Details
genre: Folk
release date: Mar 29, 2013
company: C&L Music
made in: South Korea
case: Vinyl

180G LP : Limited to 500 copies only

[Side A] 보헤미안 (7:47)
강변마을 사람들 (5:14)
자유로운 마음 (4:34)
햇빛이 물에 비쳐 반짝일 때 (명상을 위한 소리 Ad-Lib) (5:55)
[Side B] 강 (4:32)
멀리서 (4:09)
청보리밭의 비밀 (10:39)
나무그늘 (4:00)

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