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Harmonium in My Memory (Limited Edition)
내 마음의 풍금

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Product Details
director: Lee Young-Jae(b)
genre: Comedy, Romance, School
subtitle: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
language: Korean
audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
release date: Mar 12, 2014
company: Art Vision
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 1.85:1
case: Slip Case

Region Code: A, NTSC

28 pages booklet includes

Special Features:
- Commentary by Director
- Interview
- Making Film
- Music Video
- Theatrical Trailer

Also Known As
An Organ in My Heart
Sanri, a town in Kang Won Province. Hong-Yeon, 17-year-old, is a student in an elementary school. She meets Kang Su-Ha, 21-year-old teacher, in the street by chance. He starts for his new position in Sanri elementary school. After that, she who loves him, goes around him after school to see him. She writes about him in her diary, but he does not care about it. Su-Ha likes beautiful Yang Eun-Hi, his colleague, and they come to love each other. When Hong-Yeon sees that Su-Ha and Yang Eun-Hi were together, she is exposed to rain. After a while, Yang Eun-Hi goes abroad to study with her fiancee in Seoul. While Su-Ha is disappointed in love, Hong-Yeon fills with happiness. One year after, there is fire in auditorium due to the children's mischief during the rehearsal for class day. Su-Ha runs into the auditorium to rescue the children, and Hong-Yeon follows him...

Other Versions
More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
Duration: 132mins
Certification: All
Released: Mar 27, 1999

editor   (8)
users   (8.25)

Production: Art Hill
Distribution: Korea Image Investment and Development

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