Empress Myeongseong's Golden Seal (Big)


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Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Safe Box
Weight: 806
Size: 92×93×82(mm)
Color: Gold

Product Details
“Eobo" is a seal of the member of the Royal Family.
An “Eobo" was made of gold or jade with turtles and dragons traditionally regarded as sacred animals carved elaborately with artistic effects to contribute to raise the dignity of the Royal Family. The bottom of an “Eobo" is engraved with posthumous name (names offered to speak highly of the lifetime achievement of kings or queens), various honorific names(names given in praise of kings or queens), name of shrine(names given to the room of the ancestral tablet of the Royal Ancestor`s Shrine such as sungjong, and youngjo), and title of honour(names specially presented to the queens to praise their dignified nature) separately or mixed in together. Empress Myungsung is the queen of the emperor Kojong of the Daehan Emperor. She was born in 1851 with Yeohung of the place of her origin. She was clever, fond of learning and outstandingly talented girl from birth.

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