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Empress Ki TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Han Hee(b), Lee Seong-Jun(b)
genre: TV, Drama, Traditional, Romance
release date: Mar 19, 2014
company: Loen Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

기황후 Opening Title
가시사랑 - 포맨
사랑바람 - 왁스
한번만 - 소유
바람결 - 박완규
The Day - 지아
나비에게 - 지창욱
기황후 Main theme
Flower Blossom
The greatest day
Horse riding

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Broadcast: October 28, 2013 ~ April 28, 2014
Episodes: 51

This drama is about the loves and battles of Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won) from Goryeo who exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty.

The drama portrays the love and conflicts in the life of Empress Ki, a real person in Goeryeo’s history, and her influence in the Yuan Dynasty. After Goryo surrendered to Mongol in war, Mongol requested Goryo sent young girls as tribute for Yuan. Those girl will be serving in Yuan’s palace. Ki Seung-nyang (Ha Ji-won) was one those tribute girls, but somehow overcame her lowly status to become an empress in another Ki Seung-nyang (Ha Ji-won) has born during Goryeo times, Seung-nyang is forced to live like a boy in order to live like a human. She becomes a confidant to Wang Yoo, and eventually sold into slavery to the Yuan Empire. Crown Prince Yoo / Wang Yoo of Goryeo (Joo Jin-mo) is a fiercely intelligent ruler, King Yoo is determined to free Goryeo from Chinese rule. Not only does he come up against the Emperor of Yuan as a political foe, but becomes a romantic rival in the fight to win the heart of Seung-nyang. Ta Hwan / Huizong (Ji Chang-wook) is the Emperor of Yuan. He is exiled to Goryeo after a coup puts his younger brother on the Yuan Throne. There he meets Seung-nyang, and a blossoming friendship begins. Returning to Yuan, Huizong is appointed Emperor and defies the Royal Court and his Cabinet in order to elevate Seung-nyang to the throne as Empress Ki.

Genghis Kahn built an empire that spanned vast regions in East Asia and East Europe. And there was one woman who held immense power in the Yuan Dynasty, which Genghis Khan founded, for 37 years. She was neither of Mongol descent nor from the Han Chinese. She came from Goryeo, a small kingdom in the Far East. She was taken to Mongol against her will as a gong-nyeo but somehow overcame her lowly status to become an empress in another land. Her name was Empress Ki.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Traditional, Romance
Released: Oct 28, 2013

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