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The Night Shift's Diary TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Lee Joo-Hwan
genre: TV, Drama, Traditional, History
release date: Sep 04, 2014
company: Vitamin
made in: South Korea
case: Digipack

24 pages photo album include

야경꾼 일지
날 공격 하거라... (드라마 대사)
A New Hope - Eden
갈데도 없고 도와줄 사람도 없어... (드라마 대사)
너라서 - 김태우
남의 상처는 보시는분이 어찌... (드라마 대사)
사랑한다 그말을 못해서 - 최강창민 (동방신기)
어찌 그리 재미없는 말만 골라하는지
Come To Me - Eden
임무를 부여받았습니다
Ready To Bust (연주곡)
I Am Saddam (연주곡)
전설의 탄생 (연주곡)
The Roar (연주곡)
죽음의 성물 (연주곡)
Meteor Shower (연주곡)

Also Known As
The Night Watchman
Night Watchman’s Journal
Broadcast: 2014-08-04 ~ 2014-10-21
Episodes: 24

Based in the Joseon Times, This drama is about the crime prevention squad that used to patrol the streets from 9pm to 5am to catch ghosts.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Traditional, History
Released: Aug 4, 2014

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Distribution: MBC
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