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Pinocchio TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Jo Soo-Won, Shin Seung-Woo(b)
genre: TV, Drama
release date: Jan 20, 2015
company: Gaji Contents
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

Tiger JK - 첫사랑 (Feat. 펀치)
로이킴 - 피노키오
에브리 싱글데이 - Non-fiction
박신혜 - 사랑은 눈처럼
케이윌 - 하나뿐인 사람
Zion.T - Kiss Me
윤하 - 뜨겁게 나를
김보경 - 그대 하나로
박신혜 - 꿈을 꾸다
에브리 싱글데이 - Challenge
에브리 싱글데이 - My Story
Tears In The Crowd Strings
Pino Dream Strings
Calm And Passion
Mysteric Them

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Broadcast: 2014-11-12 ~ 2015-01-15
Episodes: 20

A drama depicts love, frustration, growth and the competitive process of young people in their 20s becoming reporters as they cry and get hurt by truth but realize that as reporters, they must tell the truth. It will center the story of a man who hides a special talent living under a fake name and a woman who cannot lie due to 'Pinnochio Syndrome'

The story starts with a fire incident and all the firemen who entered the building in the blaze was killed in the fire. The fire incident news report was focused on the story of Kim Ha Myung's father, chief of the fire brigade sent his men in the blaze and caused them all to die and then he fled the scene as an error of his misjudgement as reported by the news reporter, Song Cha Ok. This caused a chaotic situation for Ha Myung's family and end up causing his mother to commit suicide with him and his brother in jail over night due to Song Cha Ok's untruth story. However, this led to Ha Myung growing up with hatred for reporters especially Cha Ok. Fatefully, as he is growing up he meets with Cha Ok's ex-husband and daughter, Choi In Ha and takes on a new identity as Choi Dal Po. In Ha is someone with Pinocchio Syndrome, hence she cannot lie.

This drama series follows reporters for a broadcasting company as they chase the truth. In-Ha (Park Shin Hye) has a Pinocchio syndrome. She hiccups whenever she lies. Choi Dal-Po (Lee Jong Suk) is a first year society reporter at the broadcasting company, he has an excellent memory and speaks well. Seo Bum-Jo (Kim Young Kwang) is from a rich family and has a bright personality. Yoon Yoo-Rae (Lee Yoo Bi) has a timid personality, but strong will, she was a huge fan of an idol person in her high school and college days...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama
Released: Nov 12, 2014

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Distribution: SBS
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