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The Time Between Dog and Wolf TV Series Box Set (Limited Edition) (8discs)
개와 늑대의 시간

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director: Kim Jin-Min
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
subtitle: no available
language: Korean
audio: LPCM 2.0
release date: Apr 12, 2016
company: MBC C&I
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 16:9
case: Deluxe Case

Region Code: A, NTSC
Lee Jun-Ki Blu-ray Collection 1

8 DISC + Outer Box + Digipak + Photo Album (72 pages) + Postcards (3 set)

디스크 1 - 1화, 2화
디스크 2 - 3화, 4화
디스크 3 - 5화, 6화
디스크 4 - 7화, 8화
디스크 5 - 9화, 10화
디스크 6 - 11화, 12화
디스크 7 - 13화, 14화
디스크 8 - 15화, 16화 / 부가영상 (제작발표회, 인기비결, 촬영현장, 배우 인터뷰[이준기,남상미,정경호], NG모음, 마지막 현장, 미리 보는 결말, 배우와 팬이 함께하는 마지막 순간)

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On Air: July 18, 2007 ~ Sep 6, 2007

Howling wolves and dogs...
At dusk...
The sun paints the sky with a crimson red hue...
Over the hills, the menacing shadow of my dog confuses me as it seems to take on the form of a wolf...

After his mother is brutally murdered by the Triad in Thailand, Soo-hyun (actor Lee Joon-gi) is adopted by NIS agent Kang Joong-ho, and he grows up with Min-ki (actor Chuong Kyung Ho) like brothers. Min-ki and Soo-hyun both become NIS agents later on. One fateful day, Soo-hyun meets Ji-woo (actress Nam Sang-mi) after last seeing her in Thailand when he was a child. They start dating. One day, Soo-hyun ruins a mission when the suppressed memories of the day his mother died surfaces in his mind. NIS Director Jung gives Soo-hyun an undercover assignment to infiltrate the Triad and Soo-hyun takes the job. Soo-hyun fakes his death and assumes a new identity to become a member of the Triad. With his fake identity and new name, he prowls the back alleys of Bangkok...

Lee Soo-hyun (Kay) – Actor Lee Joon-gi

An NIS agent. Underneath his quiet demeanor, he has a violent temper. At a young age, he lost his mother when she was killed by Mao, a Triad gang member.

NIS Agent Kang Joong-ho adopted him and raised him with his son Min-ki. After learning that Mao became a Triad boss, he infiltrates the gang as an undercover agent. He assumes a new name, Kay, and goes on a rampage as a gangster to gain the trust of his gang.

Kang Min-ki – Actor Chong Kyung-Ho

An NIS agent. He’s a very competitive person behind his easy-going smile. As the son of NIS Chief Agent Kang Joong-ho, he grew up with Soo-hyun like brothers.

After becoming an NIS agent like his father who, he admires the most in the world, he gets involved in a love triangle with Soo-hyun and finds himself competing against him at the agency. When Soo-hyun leaves the agency, he confesses his love to Ji-woo and they become lovers.

Seo Ji-woo – Actress Nam Sang-mi

An art director. She has a bright personality and is very considerate to other people. She’s honest about her feelings. After meeting her childhood friend Soo-hyun one day, they begin dating. But then Soo-hyun leaves her suddenly.

She becomes Min-ki’s girlfriend after that and while she was getting over her painful breakup with Soo-hyun, she meets “Kay.”

Lee Soo Hyun who witnessed the murder of his mother at the hands of a gangster as a child belongs to a special international narcotic drug crime investigation unit. Soo Hyun is adopted into Kang Min Ki's family and both grew up to become NIS agents. Suh Ji Woo who is Soo Hyun's first love from childhood are accidentally reunited when the beautiful Ji Woo caught the attention of playboy Kang Min Ki. She and Soo Hyun are seperated once again because of Soo Hyun's vengence against his parent's enemies.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Jul 18, 2007

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Production: Apple Tree Pictures, CJ Entertainment
Distribution: MBC