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Old Boy (Steelbook Limited Edition) (Deluxe Box Set) (3discs)

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Product Details
genre: Suspense, Mystery, Action, Drama, Thriller
subtitle: English, Korean
language: Korean
audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
release date: Dec 30, 2016
company: Plain Archive
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 2.35:1
case: Steel Case

Region Code: A, NTSC

Essay Book + Script Book + Storyboard + Photo Book + Poster Album + Metal Bookmark

● 디스크#1 사양(<올드보이> 디지털 리마스터링 에디션 외)
1. <올드보이> 본편 러닝타임 - 120분
2. 영상 - 2.35:1 1080p(MPEG4-AVC)
3. 음향 - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch(본편) / DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0ch(본편)
4. 자막 - 한국어 / 영어
5. 음성 코멘터리(총 6개 트랙)
o 박찬욱
o 박찬욱, 최민식, 유지태, 강혜정
o 박찬욱, 정정훈(촬영감독)
o 신형철(문학평론가, 박찬욱 감독 추천, 블루레이 최초 및 독점 수록)
o 김영진(영화평론가)
o 해리 노울즈(Harry Knowles, AICN 운영자)
6. 기타 부가영상(HD, 48분)
o 박찬욱 감독 인트로 영상(디스크 로딩 후 최초 본편 감상 시에 자동 재생)
o 디지털 리마스터링에 대하여(정정훈 촬영감독, 박진호 디지털 리마스터링 슈퍼바이저)
o 평론가가 말하는 <올드보이>(오동진, 이동진, 달시 파켓, 크리스 후지와라)
o 감독들이 말하는 <올드보이>(김지운, 류승완)

● 디스크#2 사양(<올드 데이즈> 본편 외)
1. <올드 데이즈> 본편 러닝타임 - 111분
2. 영상 - 1.78:1 1080p(MPEG4-AVC)
3. 음향 - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch
4. 자막 - 한국어 / 영어
5. 기타 부가영상
o 시간의 기록자 : 한세준 스틸 작가 인터뷰(HD, 8분)
o Autobiography of Oldboy(현장 메이킹을 시간순으로 편집한 메이킹 다이어리, SD, 3시간 29분)
o Making of Documentary Part 1(SD, 39분)
- Audition (캐스팅)
- Characterizing (몸 만들기, 사전 훈련)
- Hunting (로케이션)
- Reading (첫 대본 리딩)
- Crank in (첫 촬영)
o Making of Documentary Part 2(SD, 34분)
- FLASHBACK(감독과 배우들이 나누는 질의응답 인터뷰)
- PRODUCTION(감독, 프로듀서, 촬영감독이 이야기 하는 영화의 기획, 제작 스토리)
o All That Background(SD, 37분)
- ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK(영화 속 음악에 대하여)
- CREW (박찬욱, 츠치야 가롱)
- CAST (최민식, 유지태, 강혜정, 윤진서, 지대한, 김병옥, 오달수, 오광록, 이승신)
o 올드보이, 칸느에 가다(SD, 9분)
o 삭제장면(SD, 11분)
o 박찬욱 감독 단편영화 <심판>(1999년, SD, 28분)
o 프로모션(SD, 6분)
- 뮤직비디오, TV스팟, 티저, 본 예고편

● 디스크#3 사양 : <올드보이> 탄생의 주역들이 총출동하여 이야기하는 <올드보이>의 모든 것.

3번 디스크의 인터뷰 영상은 19개 카테고리에 걸쳐 아래와 같은 리스트로 수록되어 있으며, 총 러닝타임은 183분으로 대략 3시간 가량입니다.

1. 박찬욱(감독)
2. 최민식/유지태/강혜정(배우)
3. 윤진서/오태경/유연석(배우)
4. 오광록/오달수(배우)
5. 임승용(프로듀서)
6. 한재덕(라인 프로듀서)/국수란(제작실장)
7. 정정훈(촬영감독)
8. 박현원(조명감독)
9. 류성희(미술감독)
10. 송종희(분장감독)
11. 조상경(의상감독)
12. 양길영(무술감독)
13. 이계벽/정식/한장혁/석민우(연출부)
14. 김상범(편집감독)
15. 이전형(시각효과 슈퍼바이저)
16. 이상욱(동시녹음 기사)
17. 이승철(사운드 슈퍼바이저)
18. 조영욱(음악감독)/심현정(작곡가)
19. 서영주(해외배급, 현 화인컷 대표)/손민경(쇼이스트 해외업무팀장, 현 엠라인 디스트리뷰션 대표)

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Also Known As
Grand Prix de Jury at 2004 Cannes International Film Festival

Directed by Park Chan-wook, the director of drama hit "Joint Security Area JSA" and "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," action suspenser "Old Boy" tells a story from a Japanese comic book of the same title.

Oh Dae-soo (Choi Min-sik) is a business man who is suddenly kidnapped and confined in a cell with only a television set. He makes various efforts to escape and even attempts to commit suicide, but all end up in failure. Dae-soo one day watches a news about his wife being murdered and he being wanted by the police. Feeling shocked and deeply grieved, Dae-soo begins to dig a hole in the room with a spoon to get his way out to revenge the lost of his wife on the real culprit.

One day in 1988, an ordinary man named Oh Dae-soo, who lives with his wife and adorable daughter, is kidnapped and later wakes up to find himself in a private makeshift prison. Dae-soo makes numerous attempts to escape and to commit suicide, but they all end up in failure. All the while Dae-soo asks himself what made a man hate him so much enough to imprison him without any reason. While suffering from his debacle, Dae-soo becomes shocked when he watches the news and hears that his beloved wife was brutally murdered. At this very moment, Dae-soo swears to take revenge on the man who destroyed his happy life.

Fifteen years have passed and Dae-soo is released with a wallet filled with money and a mobile phone. An unknown man calls Dae-soo and asks him to figure out why he was imprisoned. In front of bewildered Dae-soo, a girl named Mido appears and she promises to help him seek vengeance after hearing about his 15 years in confinement. With Mido’s help, Dae-soo begins to trace the guy and finally encounters the private prison where he discovers a cassette tape, which only says... "OH Dae-soo talks too much…” While Dae-soo and Mido’s search goes on, Dae-soo finally runs face to face with his kidnapper. The culprit says there will be no way to find out the reason of his imprisonment if Dae-soo kills him now. Instead, he proposes a game. He tells Dae-soo that if he discovers the reason for his imprisonment in five days, then he will kill himself. If not, he will kill Mido. Only five days are given to Dae-soo to find out the reason behind the guy’s grudge against Dae-soo. While doing so, hidden secrets about Dae-soo and Mido's relationship are revealed.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Action, Drama, Thriller
Duration: 120mins
Certification: 18
Released: Nov 21, 2003

editor   (10)
users   (9.78)

Production: ShowEast, Egg Films
Distribution: ShowEast, Cineclick Asia






Art Director:

Costume Designer:

Executive Producer:


Martial Art:

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