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Doctor Romantic TV Series Box Set (Malaysia Version) (3discs)
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Product Details
director: Yu In-Sik, Park Su-Jin(b)
genre: TV, Drama, Medical, Romance
subtitle: English, Chinese, Malay
language: Korean
audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
release date: Feb 07, 2019
company: PMP Entertainment
made in: Malaysia
aspect ratio: 1.33:1
case: Box Set

Region Code: All, NTSC

Rating for English subtitles: Good

Also Known As
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
Romantic Doctor Kim Sa Bu
Broadcast: 2016.11.7~2017.1.16
Episodes: 20

Doctor Romantic was a commercial hit and recorded over 29.0% in highest ratings. It received positive reviews for its plot and Han Suk-kyu's excellent performance.

Boo Yong Joo (Han Suk Kyu) was once a famous surgeon at the peak of his career at a major hospital. But he suddenly gives it all up one day to live in seclusion and work as a neighborhood doctor in a small town. He now goes by í░Teacher Kimí▒ and refers to himself as the í░Romantic Doctor.í▒ Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) became a doctor to make something of himself after growing up poor, and he seeks out VIP patients to achieve the success that he desperately wants. Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin) is a passionate young surgeon who is haunted by a mistake from her past and tries to get over it. When Dong Joo and Seo Jung meet the quirky Teacher Kim, their lives and careers will never be the same againíŽíŽ

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Medical, Romance
Released: Nov 7, 2016

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Distribution: SBS