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The Coast Guard Soundtrack

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genre: Drama
release date: Nov 12, 2002
company: Dream Beat
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. Intro (Version) (Horn 이석준/ Trumpet 정용균/ Tuba 이병호/ Drum 이철희, 이병훈)
02. 영길의 죽음 (Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
03. 모래숲 - 미영의 테마 (Version 1) (Vocal 정마리)
04. 강상병의 테마 (Version 1) (Piano 이병훈/ Cello 이서강)
05. 무장탈영 (Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강/ Trumpet 정용균)
06. 모래숲 - 미영의 테마 1 (Version 2) (Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강/ Trumpet 정용균)
07. 동행 (Piano 이병훈/ Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
08. 경계근무 (Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
09. 과거는 흘러갔다 From Film (Vocal 장동건)
10. 과거는 흘러갔다 (Vocal 백현진)
11. 총격전 (Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
12. 강상병의 테마 2 (Piano 이병훈/ Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
13. 정신병원 (Piano 이병훈/ Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
14. 모래숲 - 미영의 테마 1 (Version 3) (Voice 정마리/ Piano 이병훈/ Cello 이서강)
15. 강상병의 테마 (Version 2) (Piano, Clarinet 이병훈)
16. 내무반 (Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
17. 조일병의 죽음 (Violin 배신회/ Cello 민영애)
18. 미영의 테마 2 (Piano 이병훈/ Violin 정덕근/ Cello 이서강)
19. Intro (Version 2) (Horn 이석준/ Trumpet 정용균/ Tuba 이병호)
20. 파도 (From Music Video) (Vocal 이승열)
21. 바다 (From Trailer 1)
22. 바다 (From Trailer 2)

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One night at the military patrol zone, a drunken couple, Mee-young and Young-kil, are making love and Private KANG spots them. He becomes riddled with fear and shoots his automatic rifle in no time, and the man gets shredded into pieces by bullets and grenades. Heedless of Private KANG's trauma, he's got award of a period of leave for catching a spy. After returning to the unit, KANG's behavior becomes more and more violent, and later becomes discharged by a mental disorder. But KANG can't stay away from the unit. Meanwhile, having witnessed the gruesome death of her lover, Mee-young goes mad and mistakes any man around the base for her lover. The soldiers take advantage of her one by one, and her trauma worsens. The beautiful coastline becomes a living nightmare for everyone as Private KANG and Mee-young wreck havoc around the shores.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Duration: 94mins
Certification: 18
Released: Nov 22, 2002

editor   (6)
users   (7.67)

Production: LJ Film
Distribution: Korea Pictures, Cineclick Asia