Hi Dharma Soundtrack
달마야 놀자

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Also Known As:Let's Play, Dharma
Director:Park Cheol-Gwan
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Oct 26, 2001
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. 달마야 놀자
02. Forever With You (천사의 시)
03. Waitting For Me?
04. Prologue - A Rainy Day
05. Theme For Their Happiness (Version 1)
06. Games
07. Become A Beast
08. A Fight
09. Theme For 날치
10. Run, 재규
11. 같은 하늘
12. Theme For Their Happiness (Version 3)
13. Run, 청명 - A Fight For Our Happiness
14. Theme For Their Happiness (Version 4) (Ending Theme)
15. Epilogue - Letter From A Friend
16. Forever With You (천사의 시)
About Hi Dharma
A group of professional thugs get the short end of the stick and run for their lives by hiding in a Buddhist temple. The monks are suddenly placed in a position where they have to live with the crooks. As they await the saving phone call of their boss they become an annoying presence for the monks training in the way of the Buddha.They get a grant to stay at the temple, but then they also must train as monks. The monks and the thugs become gripped in a taut tug of war to see who wins. Allof a sudden the thugs have to live a temple life, instead of the luxuries they used to enjoy before. Can they eventually bade farewell in good will to themonks? Well, go see the movie.
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