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Stained Glass TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Lee Chang-Sun
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Dec 09, 2004
company: Yedang
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. 유리화 I (Inst. & Narration)
02. 친구 (U)
03. Once In My Life (정인호)
04. 살고싶어 (문명진)
05. Song For You (서영)
06. 안돼안돼 (변진섭)
07. 유리화 Ii (Violin Ver.) (Inst.)
08. Song For You (Saxophone) (Inst.)
09. 친구 (Piano Ver.) (Inst.)
10. Once In My Life (Mr) (Inst.)
11. 살고싶어 (Cello Ver.) (Inst.)
12. 고독 (Inst.)
13. 길 (Inst.)
14. 연혼의 소나타 (Inst.)
15. 유리화 Iii (Orchestra) (Inst. & Narration)

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Also Known As
Glass Flower
Stained Glass Window
Glass Picture
Broadcast: December 1, 2004 ~ February 3, 2005
Total 18 episodes

“Stained Glass Window” is a melodrama about two men, Dong-ju (Lee Dong Gun) and Gi-tae (Kim Sung Su), who grow up like brothers in the same orphanage and end up falling in love with the same woman Ji-su (Kim Ha Neul). Dong-ju is adopted by the president of a Japanese insurance company and becomes the heir to the corporate throne, but returns to Korea 10 years after he left and eventually comes in between Gi-tae and Ji-su.

Dong Ju (Lee Dong Gun) & Ki Tae (Kim Sung Soo) are both abandoned by parents and brought up in an orphanage as best friends. The friendship of 3 people starts as Ji Su (Kim Ha Nul ) is transferred to Dong Ju's and Ki Tae's school. Ji Su envies the strong friendship between Dong Ju and Ki Tae, but starts to grow special feelings towards Dong Ju.

One day, Dong Ju jumps into the water to find Ji Su's ocarina and he becomes missing since. Ji Su and Ki Tae believe that he is dead. Meanwhile, a Japanese couple discovers Dong Ju, and takes him back to Japan with them. Ki Tae naturally takes over Dong Ju's place and becomes lovers with Ji Su. However after twelve years, Dong Ju comes back as Japanese gentleman and he manages to find Ki Tae and Ji Su. He is first happy to find his past memories, but as his feellings for Ji Su comes back, the friendship between them starts to drift apart...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Certification: 15
Released: Dec 1, 2004

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users   (8.64)

Production: SBS
Distribution: SBS