Green Rose TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Kim Su-Ryong, Kim Jin-Geun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance, Suspense
Release Date:Apr 06, 2005
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 Main Title
02 그린로즈 (Just)
03 The Way (Feat.정유희)
04 아나요..? (Lisa(리사))
05 다시 돌아갈 수 있다면
06 푸른 장미 (김찬민)
07 너만을 바라보며
08 Into The Sky (김경호)
09 그대는 모르죠
10 너무 사랑하는데 (은지)
11 세상 끝에서의 시작
12 천상의 사랑
13 Memory
14 다시 가는 길
15 남겨진 사랑
16 그대 오는 날까지
17 Missing You
18 끝나지 않은 사랑
19 기도 (Nar.김수룡) (정수환)
About Green Rose TV Series
Broadcast: March 19, 2005 ~ May 29, 2005
Episodes: 22

Green Rose interweaves romance into a story of revenge to offer a fascinating drama. The series received great popularity when it was aired on SBS in March 2005. Due to its high viewing rate in Korea, a Japanese company has already bought the series' broadcasting rights in for showing Green Rose in Japan.

Green Rose stars popular TV stars Ko Su (My Fair Lady) and Lee Da Hae (Lotus Flower Fairy) as a couple. Lee Jung Hyun (Ko Su) works for a large corporation called SR Electronics and he falls in love with Su Ah (Lee Da Hae), daughter of the company's chairman. Being framed for a murder case, Jung Hyun escapes to China where he meets a Chinese tycoon and becomes his right-hand man. In the name of a business venture with SR Electronics, Jung Hyun, with his name changed to Chan Jung Wong, returns to Korea to take revenge on those who have once set him up...