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Fashion Seventies TV Series Soundtrack
패션 70s

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genre: TV, Drama, History
release date: May 31, 2005
company: Warner Brothers
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. Main Title
02. 준희 Theme
03. 가슴 아파도환희 (Fly To The Sky)
04. 사랑과 감동
05. 넌 모르지…Bobby Kim
06. 더미 Theme
07. 그 해의 피아노
08. 그림자…박화요비
09. 가슴 아파도브라이언 (Fly To The Sky)
10. 슬픔
11. 동영 Theme
12. 너와나 그리고 아픈 사랑의 추억……Red Nine Blue
13. 약한 남자……Bobby Kim
14. 빈 Theme
15. 아무것도 아냐……Beautiful Days
16. 여름

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Also Known As
Fashion 70s
Broadcast: May 23, 2005 ~ August 29, 2005
Total 28 episodes

This drama tells the story of the fashion boom in Korea during the 70's.

Fashion 70's focused on the lives of four young people, from their childhood during the Korean War, to their careers and love lives within the booming fashion world of the seventies. When Joon Hee was young, she befriends a little girl called Kang Hee, this two girls always get into trouble because of Kang Hee's greedy mother. At the same time, Joon Hee also makes friends with two boys, Dong Young, the son of a military general and Jang Bin.

But when North Korean forces invade their town, both girls are separated from their parents and Joon Hee's mother is killed in an explosion. Believing his daughter to have died, Joon Hee's father adopts Kang Hee and raises her as his own daughter. Joon Hee is discovered at an orphanage by Kang Hee's mother, and is also adopted. The trauma of the events causes Joon Hee to block out her childhood memories and she grows up on a small island as Doe Mi, unaware of her true identity.

Years pass and their paths cross again, with complicated and destructive results. Doe Mi dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and petty criminal Jang Bin helps her move to Seoul to chase her dream. In the process he falls in love with her, but his feelings are unrequited...

Lee Yo Won (Deo-mi) will be a Korean's Coco Chanel, one who is outstanding and ingenious in the fashion field.

Ju Jin Mo will play the son of the Secretary of Defense and the man who will helps Deo-mi to rise higher in the fashion world.

Kim Min Jeong will play Go Joon-hui, the Elsa Schiaparelli in this drama. She lives as Go Joon-hui (Deo-mi's real name), after Deo-mi is lost and her whereabouts unknown.

Cheon Jeong Myung will play Jang Bin, a laid-back guy who has no desire in the world and lives his life as a man of freedom.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, History
Released: May 23, 2005

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Production: Kim Jong-Hak Production
Distribution: SBS