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Mononoke Hime Soundtrack
모노노케 히메

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genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy
release date: Nov 24, 1999
company: BMG
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

01 The Legend Of Ashitaka
02 The Demon God
03 The Journey To The West
04 The Demon Power
05 The Land Of The Impure
06 The Encounter
07 Kodamas
08 The Forest Fo The Gods
09 Evening At The Ironworks
10 The Demon God Ii - The Losst Mountains
11 Lady Eboshi
12 The Furies
13 The Young Man From The East
14 Requiem
15 Will To Live
16 San And Ashitaka In The Forest Of The Deer God
17 Princess Mononoke Theme Song(Instrumental Version)
18 Requiem Ii
19 The Battle Drums
20 The Battle In Front Of The Ironworks
21 The Demon Power Ii
22 Requiem Iii
23 The Retreat
24 The Demon God Iii
25 Adagio Of Life And Death
26 The World Of The Dead
27 The World Of The Dead Ii
28 Adagio Of Life And Dearh Ii
29 Ashitaka And San
30 Princess Mononke Theme Song(Perfored By Sarah Lazard)
31 The Legend Of Ashitaka Theme

Also Known As
Princess Mononoke
The time and place is the Muromachi era, Japan. A prince of a small village is cursed to a slow but certain death by a Boar God turned Tatari-Gami (Cursing God). To find a possible cure to the curse, he travels westwards. Hearing of a Shishi-Gami (Deer-God) that may be his salvation, he soon comes across a village of iron miners and there finds himself in the middle of a battle between the animal gods of the forest, lead by a girl called Princess Mononoke by the villagers who was raised by the Wolf God, and the iron miners, lead by a female leader who is trying to create a sanctuary for human outcasts. Along side this battle is a mysterious group of men who are after the head of the Shishi-Gami in a quest to gain immortality. Why did the Boar God turn into a Cursing God? Can he persuade all those involved to make peace or is conflict inevitable between man and nature?

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy
Duration: 135mins
Certification: 12
Released: Apr 25, 2003

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Production: Studio Ghibli, Dentsu, Nippon Television Network, Tokuma Shoten
Distribution: Buena Vista






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