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The Myth Soundtrack
ȭ: Ȳ

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genre: Action, Adventure
release date: Oct 13, 2005
company: Universal
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. (The Discovery)
2. ڸ(Endless Love) - . 뷡
3. (Battle Preparations)
4. (Peacock Dance)
5. ݩ (Fight in the Cave)
6. (Myth Opening)
7. (Politics at Work)
8. (At the Great Wall)
9. ں (Scientist at Work)
10. ̭ (Glue Paper Adventures)
11. Ҵ (The Romance Begins)
12. (Entrance to the Cave)
13. ̽ (The Last Stand)
14. (Travels to India)
15. ܴ (Treasure Yourself) - ԰ 뷡
16. (The Awakening)
17. (Reunited)
18. ܬ (The Farewell)
19. ڸ (Endless Love) - ճ, ȫ 뷡 (4:49)

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Jackie Chan takes on dual roles in his latest action spectacular, The Myth. Chan plays Jack, a modern day archeologist who is recruited by his old friend William (Tony Leung Ka Fai) to investigate some mysterious levitation activities at an ancient Indian shrine.

Meanwhile, Jack is having vivid dreams that he is General Meng Yi, a high-ranking officer during the Qing Dynasty. After saving the life of beautiful Korean Princess Ok Soo (Kim Hee Soon), Meng Yi must safely guide her through the treacherous countryside to the safety of the royal palace.

When Jack discovers Ok Soo's portrait inside the Indian tomb he begins to suspect that his dreams might be true, and that he could in fact be a reincarnation of Meng Yi! Written and directed by Stanley Tong (Police Story 3, China Strike Force), The Myth is both a goofy action caper, but also a serious period epic, mixing comedy and drama to create an ambitious an entertaining adventure.

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Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action, Adventure
Duration: 122mins
Certification: All
Released: Oct 14, 2005

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users   (8.6)

Production: ShowEast
Distribution: ShowEast






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