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This Killing Love TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Kim Gyu-Tae
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Nov 10, 2005
company: Seoul Records
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01 ̻ (Howl)
02 (̼) (̼)
03 ׷...̴(Ž) (Ž)
04 (Dream) (K.Will)
05 ַ (ש)
06 ¼ (Glue)
07 ȸ() ()
08 (Glue)
09 (¿)
10 (Don`T Fool Me) (Glue)
11 (Dream) (Ballad Ver.) (K.Will)
12 (Inst.)
13 ׷.. ̴ (Inst.)

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Also Known As
A Love to Kill
Broadcast: October 31, 2005 ~ December 20, 2005
Total 16 episodes

A 38-second-long teaser ad caught viewers eyes by featuring a bruised Rain/Bi, who plays a K-1 fighter in this latest K-drama, against the backdrop of a cloudy sky in the heart of a city, and his co-star Sin Min-ah against a clear blue sky at the seashore. The teaser was produced in the form of a wide aspect movie-like screen. The final scene of the teaser showing Rain shedding tears seemed to particularly impress fans...

Top star Bi portrays a character who's brother attempted suicide but ended up in the hospital with brain dead. He has one thing in mind, that's "revenge" for his brother. Therefore, he ends up being the bodyguard of an actress named Cha Eun-sook (Shin Min-ah). Despite his reasons (revenge) for taking up the job, Eun-sook's bodyguard ends up falling in love with her..

Rain plays Bok Ku, an orphan who has sworn to spend the rest of his life with his childhood friend Han Da Jung (Kim Sa Rang), to repay her for saving his life many years previously. However, much against his will Bok Ku falls in love with his own brother's ex-girlfriend. Her name is Cha Eun Suk (Shin Min Ah) and is a famous actress. Bok Ku secretly blames her for his brother's accident that has now left him in a coma. He wrongly believes that she betrayed him and swears revenge. Bok Ku gets a job working as her bodyguard so that he can be close by, and inadvertently falls for her.

Eun Suk, however is stuck in an engagement against her will. Kim Jun Sung (Lee Ki Woo), heir to a huge family conglomerate - The Hankuk Group - is caught with Eun Suk, and so to avoid a scandal that could damage his family and his company, the couple are forced to get engaged.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Oct 31, 2005

editor   (9)
users   (8.5)

Production: KBS
Distribution: KBS

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