Love and Ambition TV Series Soundtrack
사랑과 야망

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Director:Kwak Young-Beom
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Family
Release Date:Mar 16, 2006
Publisher:Seoul Records
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 사랑 그리고 야망 (Title)
02 아프고 아파(Original Version) (노영채)
03 적념(寂念)(태수 Theme)
04 사랑 그리고 야망(Title Storm Version)
05 Say Good-Bye-이원석
06 헝클어진 머리 위로 (미자 Theme)
07 하얀 그리움(Piano Monologue)
08 그대라는 이름이여(Maya(마야))
09 사랑도 야망이었다(태준 Theme)
10 풍경
11 사랑이여 (라헬)
12 인연은 아니지만(은환 Theme)
13 질우(疾雨)
14 떠나갑니다-이원석
15 사랑 그리고 야망(Title Tension Version)
16 적념(寂念)(태수 Theme)
17 사슬에 영혼을 빼앗기다(Jk 김동욱)
18 사랑 그리고 야망(Title Soft Nylon-Guitar Version)
19 12월(December)
20 그대라는 이름이여(Rock Ballad Version)(Maya(마야))
21 사랑이여 (Piano Version)
22 아프고 아파(Ballad Version)
23 연착(戀着)
About Love and Ambition TV Series
Broadcast: February 4, 2006 ~ November 12, 2006
Episodes: 81

From the poverty stricken post war era of the 1950s to the modern times of Korea, this TV-series follows a family and the surrounding characters who rode the drastic changes with passion.

Park Tae-joon (Jo Min Ki) is an intelligent law student and a filial son to his parents who runs a mill. His has a younger brother, Tae-soo (Lee Hoon) not quite as academic still quite smart and a known brat in town, and a younger sister, the kind and gentle hearted Sun-hee (Lee Yoo Ri). From the same town as Tae-Joon, Kim Mi-ja (Han Go Eun), his love interest is sick and tired of living in poverty and desires to leave their small town for a better life. One day after their father's death, the family learns that they will lose their home as a pledge due to an assurance their father has made before his death.