Ghost in Love Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Suicide Ghost Association: SGA
Director:Lee Gwang-Hun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Sci-fi, Romance, Comedy
Release Date:Aug 01, 1999
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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0. 내안의 너(FOREVER)
0. 배신
0. 백지장의 복수
0. 색마
0. 엄마 THEME
0. 엘리베이터의 공포
0. 운명
0. 자귀모의 초대
0. 재회 THEME
0. 정사후 공포
0. 제주도에서의 모녀
0. 죽음과 사랑
0. 죽음으로의 길
0. 지하철에서의 죽음
0. 채별 THEME
0. 추격
0. 환각 THEME
About Ghost in Love
A computer animator Chin, Chae-Byeol is lover of Na, Han-Soo, a stockbroker. Na, however, makes a promise with Cha, Hyeon-Joo, a daughter of his stock firm's president to be married to her for his ambition. He separates from Chae-Byeol on purpose. When Chae-Byeol, full of anger because of Na's betrayal, is waiting for a subway in a platform, sales ghosts of Suicide Ghost Association (SGA) instigates her to commit suicide. She commits suicide by mistakes. In this time sales ghost instigates her to be a member of SGA in order to revenge herself on Na. At SGA, she meets Cantorates, White Face and Diet all of whom has unique character. Since White Face committed suicide because of a rape by a man, she supports Chae-Byeol's plan to revenge and rather helps her. On the contrary Cantorates holds back Chae-Byeol. Chae-Byeol finds that Cantorates remains in SGA because he wants to restore his lover, Young-Eun who believes she killed him on an operation performed by her. While Chae-Byeol tries to revenge on Na again...
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