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Bad Family TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Yu In-Sik
genre: TV, Drama, Family, Comedy
release date: Apr 08, 2006
company: Manwoldang
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01 날 닮은 그대(Dynamic Duo(다이나믹 듀오))
02 처음사람(Lyn(린))
03 사랑입니다(고현욱)
04 소원의 끝까지 (W/김상훈)
05 My Wish (이동윤)
06 가족(고현욱)
07 사랑이란 (이은하)
08 불량가족 (Opening Title)(두번째달)
09 Pm 9:00 화목한가족사진(두번째달)
10 가오만사성(두번째달)
11 샴푸 중 입니다(두번째달)
12 신용불량(두번째달)
13 엄마의 노래(두번째달)
14 사랑입니다 (Guiter 버젼)
15 가족 (Instrumental)
16 소원의 끝까지 (Instrumental)

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Also Known As
Gangster Family
Broadcast: March 22, 2006 ~ May 11, 2006
Episodes: 16

This drama is about a very impaired, abnormal family's with a wide range of characters. The thing is, the members of this "family" aren't all really related! They are a "staged" family. Oh Dal-geon (Kim Myung-min) who was being chased by gangsters recruited a bunch of people to be a part of a family of a young child named Baek Na-reem (Lee Yong-yoo). Na-reem has amnesia and her real family died in a car accident. It is to believed that the "car accident" wasn't really an accident. To find out the truth, Dal-geon brings in people to play the roles of different members of Na-reem's family to help her regain her memory.

Ha Joon-so (Park Jin-woo) is recruited in the family and is in love with Kim Yang-ah (Nam Sang-mi). Kim Yang-ah became an orphan at a very young age. She had lost her family, but plays a role in this "bad" family. See how things heat up as Yang-ah, Joon-so and Dal-geon get into a love triangle and how this family life isn't all that sweet, especially when some do not get along with each other!

Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo), who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia so her uncle hired Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min), an ex-ganster,to recreate a similar household with parents, sister, brother, grandparents and uncle in hopes that she would regain her memory. In a hurry, Oh Dal Gun ended up hiring all sorts of odd ball characters to act as members of Na Rim's family. None got along at the start and hilarious situation arose when all members tried to cope in front of the little girl and also to protect her from the one who caused her family's accident. Eventually they started to behave like a real family and cared for each other, proving that blood relation is not as important as a caring heart.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Family, Comedy
Released: Mar 22, 2006

editor   (6)
users   (9.5)

Distribution: SBS



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