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The Vineyard Man TV Series Soundtrack
포도밭 그사나이

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director: Park Man-Young, Kim Young-Jo
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Aug 24, 2006
company: Seoul Records
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 시골뜨기 힙합
2. 딱 걸렸어!!
3. 젓가락 행진곡
4. Good Lady
5. Lovig You
6. Untitled
7. 이런게 바로 사랑이라나...
8. Singin' In The Rain
9. 내가 뭐 어때서?
10. Seoul City
11. Hit & Run
12. I Have A Dream
13. 이제 알 것도 같아
14. Close To You
15. 다가 가고 싶어
16. 젓가락 행진곡 (Remix)
17. 그런 남자가 좋아

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Also Known As
Man in Vineyard
The Grapeplantation Man
The Man of the Vineyard
Broadcast: July 24, 2006 ~ September 12, 2006
Episodes: 17

'The man of the vineyard' is a comic story about a girl from a big city who moves to a village to make money for starting her own business and meets there a guy working in a grape field. Dreaming of setting up her own apparel firm, Ji-hyun one day receives an alluring offer from her relative who promises her to leave a big grape field when he dies if she works in the field for a year. At first, Ji-hyun insists she will never in her life work on a farm, but eventually ends up becoming a farmer because of her ever complaining mother. Ji-hyun decides to try her best to achieve her dream of becoming an entrepreneur by inheriting the grape field, but being a farmer turns out a challenging task. To make things worse, the guy she meets in the village, Taek-ki, keeps driving her crazy. However, after many twists and turns Ji-hyun adapts to rustic life and opens up to the warmhearted residents of the village as well as ends up falling in love with Taek-ki.

"The Vineyard Man" is a romantic-comical drama that revolves around the life of Lee Ji-Hyun (Yoon Eun Hye), a typical average girl who wants to show the world that beneath her seemingly ordinary characteristics is an extraordinary girl who will some day achieve great things and marry a rich and handsome man. Ji-Hyun is a striving young designer working in a clothing company, hoping that one day, her works will be recognized and have her own label. Her life changes when she decided to farm her grandfather’s vineyard and met Kang Taek-Gi (Oh Man Suk), a nice and honest man working in the vineyard to help his father.

Lee Ji-hyun is a young lady that grew up in the city since she was born. At first, she was an assistant designer in a boutique. After been terminated from her company, she needs a huge amount of money to develop her own label. Presently, Ji-hyun’s grandpa comes find her and promise that she will get 1 thousand square feet of the vineyard if she willing to work in the vineyard for 1 year. Nevertheless, if she sells the vineyard to the development company, she will immediately get 20 hundred million won. Therefore, Ji-hyun has changed her mind for not working in the vineyard and agrees to her grandpa’s offer. Ji-hyun met with Jang Daek-ki who has an enmity with her before. Due to the reason of receiving financial assistance from others to study in university, Jang Daek-ki broke up with his girlfriend and works in the vineyard to repay the debts.

The romance between Lee Ji-hyun and Jang Daek-ki happened like a sour and sweet grape.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Certification: 15
Released: Jul 24, 2006

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Distribution: KBS
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