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H.I.T TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Yu Cheol-Yong
genre: TV, Drama, Crime, Thriller
release date: Apr 06, 2007
company: Doremi
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. Success
2. 통증
3. 그 사람
4. 마지막 사랑
5. 그댈 위한 이별
6. H.I.T
7. H.I.T & Run
8. Human nature
9. Delightful Love
10. Instinct
11. Suorrowful Love
12. Urban Shock
13. So What
14. In A Heartbeat
15. Shotgun
16. Stormy Day
17. Arrest
18. Big Style

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Also Known As
On Air: 19.3.2007 ~ 22.5.2007

Total 20 episodes

The Homicide Investigation Team (H.I.T.) led by Cha Soo Kyung (Go Hyun Jung) was established to investigate the case of a serial killer. The other four members were assigned from different precincts and when they first started, they all have their own ulterior motives and none of them was confortable with working as a team or trusted each other. Added to the mix, a rookie prosecutor Kim Jae Yoon (Ha Jung Woo) was sent by the District Attorney's Office to keep an eye on the police's work. This drama depicts how cases were solved and how the members evolved into really working as a team.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Crime, Thriller
Released: Mar 19, 2007

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Production: Kim Jong-Hak Production
Distribution: MBC

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