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War of Money TV Series Soundtrack ver.2

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director: Jang Tae-Yu
genre: TV, Drama, Comedy, Action
release date: Jun 11, 2007
company: Yedang
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. ¾ ǥ – 50 Ver.
2. ϳ Ϸ簰 – ٺŴ (Bobby kim)
3. ¾ ǥ – SoloMon
4. ¾ (Ȳ) – SoloMon
5. ¾ () – Piano Ver.
6. ¾ – ޸
7. ϳ Ϸ簰 - Inst
8. ¾ ǥ - Inst
9. ¾ ǥ – Acoustic Inst
10. ¾ –

Also Known As
Money War
Broadcast: May 16, 2007 ~ July 19, 2007
Total 20 episodes = 16 rounds + bonus 4 rounds

Won 9 awards in *2007 SBS Drama Awards* - ABSOLUTELY MUST-SEE!!

As soon as it premiered, Money's Warfare became an instant attraction. First, the SBS drama is about everyone's favorite topic of conversation - money. Second, it stars Park Shin Yang, the ever-charismatic actor from Lovers in Paris, who started a craze with the charming one-liner "Ae-gee-ya!", which literally translates as "Baby!" Money's Warfare easily won the ratings war in its time slot with rave reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised the drama's unique storyline and superb cast, including Park Jin Hee ( Come Back Soon Ae!), Kim Jung Hwa (Snow White), and Lee Won Jong (Hi, Dharma 2), whose role as a notorious loan shark brought much realism to the drama. Money's Warfare tackles one of Korea's biggest problems - debt.

Top-ranked investment banker Geum Na Ra (Park Shin Yang) was living the good life - but he didn't know his own father was suffering from an insurmountable debt. Na Ra and his girlfriend Cha Yeon (Kim Jung Hwa) attend his sister's wedding, only to have chaos erupt at the blissful event. The notorious loan shark Ma Dong Po (Lee Won Jong) and his men force Na Ra's father to sign an organ waiver in lieu of the debt payment, before stuffing the newlyweds' gratuity into their bags. Ma Dong Po and his gang continue to harass Na Ra at his workplace, and even barge into his house demanding payment, traumatizing Na Ra's mother, who collapses on the floor. In desperate need of money to pay for his mother's hospital fees, Na Ra runs to a nearby bank for a loan, only to be flatly denied. Meanwhile, Na Ra's disgruntled boss takes advantage of Na Ra's troubles, using them as an excuse to fire him. Enraged and at his wit's end, Na Ra flips out completely, officially declaring war on all things having to do with money!

A man plays a risky game using love as bait!

One man holds a grudge against money. This is a story about a man who vows to conquer money but instead he becomes a slave to it!

A man who deserted his love for money and a woman who chooses money for the sake of her family.

If you truly want to be free from greed, love someone with all your heart!

Two years ago, on the wedding day of Keum Eun-ji, who is Keum Na-ra (Park Shin-yang)'s sister, loan sharks barge into the wedding hall and ruin the wedding, demanding that their father pay back the money he borrowed from them. But the father disappears, and the loan sharks move into the family's home and demand that they find their father. Na-ra declares personally bankruptcy and gets fired from his job. He tries to borrow money from his friends but none of them offer any help. Na-ra's mother falls ill after seeing her son suffer from the debt collectors. To earn money for his mother's surgery, Na-ra goes to see his friend In-hyuk, where he encounters Seo Joo-hee (Park Jin-hee) for the first time.

Instead of lending money to Na-ra, In-hyuk insults him. Finally, Na-ra decides to ask his rich lover Cha-yeon (Kim Jung-hwa) for help. Wishing to test his love, Cha-yeon's grandmother offers him a great amount of money if he agrees to leave her granddaughter. When he chooses the money over her granddaughter, she becomes furious and tips off the debt collectors that Na-ra is carrying money with him. Na-ras mother undergoes surgery, but when she learns that her husband committed suicide, she becomes overcome with grief and eventually dies. The furious Na-ra barges into the Buddhist temple that his mother used to pray at and vandalizes the place.Seo Joo-hees father and Na-ras high school teacher, Seo In-chul, tries to look for his friend who is homeless. By chance, he finds Keum Na-ra on the street. Seo In-chul learns about Na-ra's family crisis and lets him stay over at his home. Later that night, Na-ra sneaks out of In-chul's house and encounters Joo-hee again.Na-ra vows to become rich, and learns that Dokgo Chul is the richest loan shark in town.

Na-ra decides to learn his secrets on becoming rich.Learning that Ma Dong-po has the most cashflow among loan sharks, Na-ra goes to meet him. Little does he know that Ma Dong-po is the very person who pressures his father to commit suicide.Meanwhile, Seo Joo-hee is insulted by Ma Dong-po, who lent money to her father, and just then, Keum Na-ra's junior high school friend Kang In-hyuk, who is a rich divorced man, appears and asks her to marry him. Keum Na-ra and Ma Dong-po decide to go into business together. As Ma Dong-po becomes wealthier thanks to Na-ra's hustling skills as a debt collector, he begins to trust him.Ma Dong-po orders Na-ra to collect the debts that Joo-hee's father owes him. In her desperation to pay off her father's debts, Joo-hee decides to marry In-hyuk for his money.However, on the wedding day, when In-hyuk swears that he will not pay back the money that Joo-hee's father owes, Na-ra ruins the wedding just like how his sister's wedding was ruined two years ago.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Comedy, Action
Released: May 16, 2007

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Distribution: SBS