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Marry a Millionaire TV Series OST
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director: Kang Sin-Hyo
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Oct 30, 2006
made in: Malaysia
case: Keep Case

16 tracks from "To Marry a Millionaire" original soundtrack

Also Known As
A Million Bride
Marrying a Millionaire
On Air: 11.26.2005 ~ 1.22.2006

Here's another romantic comedy which is also known as "Ms.Kim 1 Billion Won Project" from the successful maker of "The Successful Story of Bright Girl."

Kim Hyun Joo as Kim Eun-Jae/Kim En Zai She grew up neither rich nor poor, with a dream of a happy family of her own since she is an illegitimate daughter. At the moment when her dream is about to be realized, Eun-Jae realizes she's been dumped by her fiance who did not show up at their wedding... and she 'escapes' from the embarrassing moment with photographer Moo-Yul. She believes that her fiance betrayed her because he wanted money and she vows to become rich.. but her colleagues who missed her wedding due to heavy road traffic thought Eun-Jae was already happily married and begin sending gifts to Eun-Jae's place and demand to see her husband... so Eun-Jae asks Moo-Yul to act as her 'pretend' husband for show and so crosses their path again...

Ji Jin Hee as Park Moo-Yul/Pu Wu Lie Actually he is more like an unemployed full-time day-dreamer. He grew up in a wealthy family under the wings of his sucessful father, but their family is hit with tragedy as Moo-Yul's older brother dies, and hardship hits again when his father fails in his business affairs and the family is met with heavy debt to pay their house and everything they had were taken from them, even their vacation home which is filled with last memories of Moo-Yul's deceased brother. Moo-Yul's mother who has been ill since the death, faints when she realizes she must give up the house that contains the last memories of her oldest son, and Moo-Yul vows to make enough money to save the house and his mother. This event marks an awakening in his life.. now he must live for his goal. On the day of his photography assignment, he meets Eun-Jae, the bride at the alter without a groom, and she grabs his hand to escape....

Kim Young-hoon (Go Soo) works in the food industry as a delivery man. Young-hoon gets the chance to appear on a TV show where he gets to pretend he is a millionaire (Inspired by the American Show "Joe Millionaire). Young-hoon will be meeting with seven women and he will decide who he wants to be with. The woman he picked will be handsomely rewarded.

Han Eun-young (Kim Hyun-joo) works as a clerk in a bank. She ends up being a contestant on the same TV show. In reality, Young-hoon was Eun-young's first love...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Nov 26, 2005

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users   (8.11)

Production: SBS
Distribution: SBS