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My Wife is a Gangster Soundtrack

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genre: Comedy, Action
release date: Jan 01, 2001
company: Warner Brothers
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. It's Poong 김두한
02. Mirror Ball
03. 편지
04. Forever
05. 결론
06. 건달정신
07. 아그야! 가라가라
08. 눈물
09. Don't Call Me
10. 정말이야
11. 유진의 테마 Theme
12. 은진의 Theme
13. 백상어파 Theme

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Also Known As
Wife Gangster
Eunjin who is a living legend among the gangsters dominates the male-centered underworld wielding only a pair of her trademark blades. One day, Eun-jin finds her sister from whom she was separated at an orphanage during childhood, and her sister tells Eun-jin that her last dying wish is to see that Eun-jin gets married.
One day, Eun-jin's henchmen discover Soo-il, an ordinary civil servant and Soo-il appears to be the only man naive enough to be dominated by Eun-jin, and the two are married.
After the wedding, Soo-il learns that what is waiting for him a life of constant household chores and a bride who refuses to sleep with him instead of a blissful honeymoon. Eun-jin, on the other hand, is finding the life of the leader of gang more demanding than ever before. To make matters worse, Eun-jin's sister asks Eun-jin to have a child with Soo-il for her. There is nothing Eun-jin will not do for her sister...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Comedy, Action
Duration: 110mins
Certification: 18
Released: Sep 28, 2001

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users   (8.93)

Production: Hyunjin Next Filmnation
Distribution: Korea Pictures, Cineclick Asia






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