Everyday Night TV Series Soundtrack
̸ 㸶

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Also Known As:When It's At Night, When Night Comes, Night After Night,
Director:Son Hyeong-Seok
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Comedy
Release Date:Jul 14, 2008
Publisher:Mnet Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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̸ 㸶 I
Ž - ΰŷ
̿ -
Happy Rain Oliver(ø)
- SGʺ
Ž ()
̿ ()
Happy Rain ()
̸ 㸶 II
Title II
About Everyday Night TV Series
Broadcast: June 23, 2008 ~ August 19, 2008

Total 17 episodes

A story about a single woman in her late thirties and an art scholar with a roving eye for young nubile girls who try to recoever a national treasure. Professional tomb raiders who can tell apart a Giryeo celadon from a white celadon by just smelling the dirt surounding them and a detective who can tell what kind of criminals theys're dealing with by just surveying the remains of a loot tomb...