Piano TV Series Soundtrack (Featured by Can) (2CD)

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Director:Oh Jong-Rok
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance, Action
Release Date:Mar 24, 1999
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Disc. 1
우리모두 사랑해요
Baby I Love You
가라 가라
그대 내품에
내일 또 생각이 나겠지

아찔한 사랑
Bye Bye Bye
Come Back To Love For Me
다시 시작해
내생에 봄날은...(Mr)

Disc. 2
Main Title
내생애 봄날은
억관이 탱고
사나이 눈물
태양은 뜬다
행복한선택(Slow Version)
피아노(Main Theme)
행복한선택(Original Version)
About Piano TV Series
Broadcast: November 21, 2001 ~ January 10, 2002
Total 16 episodes

Five top stars, two generations of love and hate, one bittersweet concerto.

Hye-rim (Jo Min-Soo) moves to Busan with her two children Kyung-ho (Jo In-Sung) and Su-ah (Kim Ha Neul) to open a piano school. She meets a lowlife gangster named Uk-gwan (Jo Jae-Hyun) who falls in love with Hye-rim and decides to turn his life around. The two of them get married, but tragedy forces Uk-gwan to raise the children on his own. Despite Uk-gwan’s sincere efforts to win over the children, will this makeshift family be able to overcome years of bitterness, resentment, and anger?

A true classic of Korean television, Piano features the all-star cast of acclaimed veteran actors Jo Jae-Hyun (What Planet Are You From?) and Jo Min-Soo (Happy Together, Sandglass) and Korean Wave superstars Kim Ha-Neul (90 Days of Love, Romance, Secret), Go Soo (Green Rose), and Jo In-Sung (Shoot for the Stars, Something Happened in Bali, Spring Days).

Uhk Gwan (Jo Jae Hyun) is a gangster but one day, he discovers he has a hidden 10 year old son named Jae Soo. One day, he sees Hae Lim (Jo Min Soo) and falls in love with her at first sight. Hae Lim is a widow with two kids, 12 year old girl named Soo Ah and 10 year old son named Kyung Ho. She just moved to Pusan and opened a piano school.

But somehow, her image gets destroyed and she finally accepts Uhk Gwan's love and the two marry. But shortly after, Hae Lim dies in a boat accident. Years later, all three kids are older and were raised by Uhk Gwan. Jae Soo (Go Soo) and Soo Ah (Kim Ha Neul) are deeply in love with each other but they cannot express their love because they are family, although not by blood. Kyung Ho (Jo In Sung) is a rebel and turns into a gangster too. The drama traces the struggles of these three kids and Uhk Gwan.