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The Painter of the Wind TV Series Soundtrack
바람의 화원

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director: Jang Tae-Yu,
genre: TV, Drama, Traditional, Romance
release date: Oct 24, 2008
company: Loen Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

바람의 노래 - 조성모
눈 길 - 영지
눈물꽃 - 하울 (HowL) (Title)
그리움 (이루어질 수 없는...) - 조성모
그리고 그리며
그리움 (대금 Ver.)
바람의 화원 (Title Theme)
墨 (먹) (Tension Theme)
비밀의 그림
울다가 웃다가
동천련로 항장곡
저잣거리 풍경
생도청의 아침
月下情人 (월하정인)
묘향산의 호랑이
동천련로 항장곡 (산조 Ver.)
舞童 (무동)
생도청의 아침 (Korean Classical Ver.)
필선의 대결
年少踏靑 (연소답청)

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Broadcast: September 24, 2008 ~ December 4, 2008
Episodes: 20

This unique drama starred Moon Geun-young, Koreans' favorite "little-sister" and established actor Park Shin-yang (Lovers in Paris and War of Money), and was something of a sensation even before production was complete. Focusing on the intrigues, dramas, and romance of Shin Yunbok and Kim Hong-do, two of the Joseon dynasty’s most famous painters, the drama tells the story of Yunbok, who is actually a girl disguised as a boy. This is the drama that won Moon Geun-young the Best Actress award during the 2008 SBS Grand Acting Award ceremony. She is said to have shown wholehearted commitment to this drama and even broke her nose during filming. Shin Yunbok and Kim Hong-do, also know as Hyewon and Danwon respectively, really did exist, and some of their paintings, which feature in the drama, can be seen at the National Museum of Korea.

In 1766, Kang Su-hang, a painter and senior member of Dohwaseo, the Academy of Painting, was found killed after being secretly commissioned by the son of the crown prince who would later become King Jungjo (1752-1800, the 22nd King of the Joseon Dynasty). The commission was to paint a portrait of the crown prince. Seo Jing, another member of Dohwaseo, was found dead while investigating the death of Kang Su-hang.

In addition, Seo Jing’s wife is murdered and his daughter goes missing. Ten years later, Kim Hong-do, a senior member of Dohwaseo, discovers Shin Yun-bok, a new student. Hong-do discovers great talent in Yun-bok and tries to protect the student from the conspiracies that surround him. King Jungjo also discovers Yun-bok’s enormous talent. Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok serve as the eyes of the king, depicting the true reality of the common people. However, powerful palace officials conspire to get rid of the two painters, and soon afterwards, they are kicked out of Dohwaseo.

Then, the king secretly orders the pair to find the portrait of his father painted by Kang Su-hang. Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok are successful in recovering the portrait, overcoming hurdles and dangerous traps set up by enemies. The recovery of the painting also helps reveal the secret behind the death of Seo Jing, who is actually Shin Yun-bok’s father.

In the process, Kim Hong-do realizes that he is truly in love with Shin Yun-bok. However, he tries to leave him because he knows that the affair would be an impossible one....

The drama takes us back to the 18th century Joseon era. Kim Hongdo is the royal court's best but most controversial painter. When he starts to teach Yunbok, he is stunned by the young painting student's huge talent. The two work together on many projects and develop a close bond. One day Hongdo and Yunbok receive a secret order from the king to investigate the murder of the painter, Seojing, who used to be a close friend of Hongdo. As they start to unravel the mystery, Hongdo begins to realize that Yunbok is actually a woman disguised as a man so she can be a court painter, and that Seojing was her father.

Late Joseon painters Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok produced works of simple beauty. In contrast to the restrictions of Joseon (1392-1910) society, their detailed sketches are free-spirited and vividly patterned.

Anyone curious about the works and lives of these two painters can look forward to "Painter of the Wind", an upcoming 20-episode drama . Moon Geun-yeong, 21, plays Shin and Park Shin-yang, 40, plays her mentor, who later falls in love with her. Though in real life Shin (1758-early 19th century) and Kim (born in 1745) were both men, the historic drama adds a fictitious twist. Shin is a young lady whose father has died under suspicious circumstances, and she disguises herself as a man to solve the mystery.

She becomes a member of the dohwaseo, a government-based royal painting institute. Women were not allowed to paint during the Joseon Dynasty. With Kim's help, she investigates her father's death. In the series, Moon wears gat, a traditional cylindrical hat formerly worn by married gentlemen, and dopo, a gentleman's robe. The historic drama is based on an eponymous novel by Lee Jung-myung. The book about the two painters, published last year, was a best seller.

The drama is giving viewers a tantalizing glimpse into a set boasting detailed Joseon costumes, fine calligraphy and painstakingly created props.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Traditional, Romance
Released: Sep 24, 2008

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users   (9.6)

Production: Drama House, IS Plus
Distribution: SBS

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