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Ruler of Your Own World TV Series Soundtrack
네 멋대로 해라

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director: Park Seong-Su
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Aug 02, 2002
company: Doremi
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01 Two Face (이현욱)
02 멀기만 한 사랑 (이현욱)
03 멜로드라마 (Link - Original Ver.)
04 멜로드라마 (Link - Drama Ver.)
05 슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해 (Jm)
06 마지막 부탁
07 Memory (이현욱 - Rock Verse.)
08 Memory (Houst Verse.)
09 꿈을 꾼 후에 (Instrumental)
10 꿈을 꾼 후에 (이현욱 - Scat Verse.)
11 꿈을 꾼 후에 (Violin Verse.)
12 Let`S Rock - Part 1,2,3 (Instrumental)
13 Two Face (이현욱 - New Verse.)

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Also Known As
To Order Love
Do As You Wish
Written by the award winning In Jung-Ok and directed by Bahc Songsu, Ruler of Your Own World breaks free from the stereotypical K-drama script and injects an unparalleled reality into both the characters and story. This isn't like your typical K-Drama, with high-class people in melodramatic fantasy situations. It may borrow a few overused plot devices from many a K-drama, but Ruler of Your Own World spins everything into an enthralling, unique experience. Critics unanimously praised Ruler of Your Own World for its cast, story, writer, director, and music - a feat nearly unheard of for any K-drama!

Ko Bok-Su’s (Yang Dong-Geun) life is a mess. After a difficult childhood and time in prison, fate leads him to Chun Kyung (Lee Na-Young of Who R U? and Please Teach Me English). Bok-Su steals her wallet, but the chain reaction that follows from the act is both unpredictable and unforgettable. Ko Bok-Su embarks on a journey that ultimately touches the lives of all those around him, and will inspire and surprise even the most jaded K-drama fan! Since it's airing in 2002, Ruler of Your Own World has amassed one of the largest and most loyal fan bases of any recent Korean TV drama mini-series.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Duration: 800mins
Certification: All
Released: Jul 1, 2002

editor   (10)
users   (9.5)

Production: MBC
Distribution: MBC

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