Daughter-in-Law's Hey Day TV Series Soundtrack
며느리 전성시대

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Also Known As:The Daughters-in-Law, Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law
Director:Jeong Hae-Ryong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Family
Release Date:Dec 21, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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며느리 전성시대 타이틀 - 전영호
복수 미진 테마 - 이미아
Chu - LPG
몰라요 - 김보연
아프지마요 - 김보희
사랑이 내게로 - 김효연
Loving U - 이미아
혼잣말 - 박래준
며느리 왈 (Ending Title) - TAQ,이미아
복수 미진 테마 (Humming Ver)
아프지마요 (String Ver)
복수 미진 테마 (String Ver)
미순 테마 (해금 Ver)
About Daughters-in-Law's Hey Day TV Series
Broadcast: July 28, 2007 ~ January 20, 2008
Episodes: 52

Get ready for twice the in-law drama in the 2007 KBS weekend family drama The Daughters-in-Law (a.k.a. The Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law), not to be confused with the 2008 SBS daily family drama Daughter-in-Law. Lee Soo Kyung (Soulmate) and Lee Pil Mo (You Are My Destiny) star as siblings who end up getting married to another pair of siblings, played by Kim Ji Hoon (Flowers For My Life, Love Marriage) and Seo Young Hee (Spring of Dalja, The Chaser). The two families have plenty to sort out as they deal with being in-laws twice, not to mention double the trouble with two sets of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law vying for power. This popular 54-episode family drama also co-stars veterans Yoon Yeo Jung, Park In Hwan, Lee Young Ha, and Kim Bo Yun.

This “action drama” portrays the eventful life of an extended family: a stubborn grandma, a bluffing father, a mother with long-harbored ulterior motives concealed behind her ostensible obedience, a son who has been spoiled by his mother as the only child in the family, and a daughter-in-law who makes a hasty decision to get married. By targeting families, this drama interprets family and marriage issues in a heartwarming and hilarious way through the lives of three generations of daughters-in-law. It presents viewers with an opportunity to make their own choice between a woman who learns many good things from conservative family values instead of criticizing them and as a result becomes wiser, and a woman who makes a wrong choice and gets entangled in a turbulent family relationship but receives a chance to deny reality and choose her own path.