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Fighter in the Wind
바람의 파이터

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Product Details
genre: Action, Martial, Romance, History
subtitle: English, Korean, Japanese
language: Korean, Japanese
audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
release date: Jan 10, 2014
company: Art Vision
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 1.85:1
case: Deluxe Case

Region Code: A, NTSC
Runtime: 123 + 186mins

1. Yang Yun-Ho, Yang Dong-Geun and Jeong Tae-Woo
2. Yang Yun-Ho, Shin Ok-Hyun and Yang Gil-Young

Chapter 1: Practice
1. Yang Dong-Geun Diary
2. Yang Gil-Young Martial Diary
3. Practicing Gong-Su-Do

Chapter 2: Challenge
1. Special Making

Chapter 3: Wind
1. Director and Actor(es) Interviews
2. In Premiere
3. Music Video
4. Theatrical Trailer, Teaser Trailer, TV Spot

Chapter 4: Legend
1. Poster Shooting, Photo Gallery, Staff Introduction

Chapter 5: True Story
1. Making Film
2. About Choi Bae-Dal

One of the greatest fighters in history and a hero respected by both the worldwide media and other fighters, Oyama Matsutatsu conquers the world with his bare hands and feet by overcoming discrimination and beating the odds. His real name was CHOI Bae-dal and FIGHTER IN THE WIND tells the story of a young man realizing his powerful dreams of becoming the best in the world.

Legends, if well told, can be inspiring. "Fighter in the Wind," which opened Thursday, is about a legendary Korean man who fought 47 bulls and defeated numerous karate experts in Japan. Fictional factors aside, the question is whether the director has crafted a fine story. The plot is based largely on a famous cartoon series by Bang Hak-ki, featuring Choi Bae-dal (1922-1994), a real life figure who moved to Japan during the colonial period and established himself as a much-admired karate fighter by founding a new version of the martial arts form called "Kyokushin Karate."

In 1934, 11-year-old Bae-dal (Yang Dong-geun) watches his father's farmhand, Bum-soo, fighting with Japanese officials in the market in Gimjae, Korea. He admires Bum-soo's fighting skills and starts to learn to fight.

Seven years later, 18-year-old Bae-dal smuggles himself into Japan to enroll in an aviation school but instead finds himself being forced into the Kamikaze program. He resists and fights with the Japanese instructor, Kato, who is a karate master and captain of the program.

Bae-dal is shamefully defeated and earns Kato's scorn. His pride deeply hurt, he determines to get stronger and learn real fighting skills. He happens to meet Bum-soo again and obtains a copy of Musashi Miyamoto's "Book of Five Rings," a book detailing techniques on how to fight and survive.

The encounter with Bum-soo is a turning point for Bae-dal. He begins to wander the streets at night, saving women and others from bullies and robbers. A romance is inserted into the plot when Bum-soo rescues Youko (Aya Hirayama), a beautiful geisha, from some ill-mannered American soldiers.

However, Bae-dal can't become complacent. His master, Bum-soo, is brutally killed by a Japanese mob. Filled with anger and desire for revenge, Bae-dal goes to the mountains and commits himself to intense self-training.

Now, all the factors are in place for a numbing series of fight scenes as Bae- dal finishes his training and embarks on a journey to fight and defeat top martial arts masters across Japan.

Actor Yang, as has been widely publicized, seems to have spent much time practicing martial arts in order to make the fight scenes as authentic as possible. His performance as the action hero Bae-dal deserves some praise because he did all the fight scenes himself, without relying on special effects or a stuntman.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean, Japanese
Genre: Action, Martial, Romance, History
Duration: 120mins
Certification: 12
Released: Aug 12, 2004

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users   (8.67)

Production: iVision Entertainment
Distribution: Big Blue Film






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