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Yellow Handkerchief (1995)

노란 손수건

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Tae-Su is sentenced to 7 years' penal servitude because he hit a raper to death. As he is released from prison finishing his prison term, he thinks of his ex-girl friend Ju-Hee. Jin-Cheol, who failed twice in the entrance exam, goes looking for Ju-Hee together as he hears about Tae-Su's past, although he meets A-Young, a would-be singer. Just before he is released, Tae-Su wrote a letter to Ju-Hee that if she still waits for him, tie a yellow handkerchief in front of the gate. After every turns and twists they get to the gate where they find yellow handkerchiefs are displayed on the roof just like flowers. Jin-Cheol and A-Young congratulate him yelling out. Tae-Su goes up to look for Ju-Hee with trembling heart. Ju-Hee gave birth a daughter and lives alone raising the child. As they watch Tae-Su who gets in holding his daughter's hand, Jin-Cheol and A-Young passionately kiss promising their new life.

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Duration: 96mins
Released: Oct 28, 1995

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Production: Geun Hyang Films

Color: Color
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